• model and wordsNora Moles Diaz
  • published inC-Heads Magazine
  • locationLondon, UK 2018

TodayI’m going. No more bullshit. I’ll do it. I’ll go to the park. If the postman comes today I’ll be in the park. After going to the park I’ll go and buy a plain cream ice-cream and I will find a place to sit and eat it. I’ll wear a white jumpsuit today. Everyone is going to look at me so I’m just gonna pretend I’m doing something there. I could bring a book and a picnic and put my black big watch on to look at it so it seems I’m waiting for someone. Someone is going to pick me from the park to go and have an ice-cream. I can’t forget to pick some nuts for the squirrels. I’ll go there, I’ll find a safe spot and I’ll feed them for a bit. Then I’ll have some free time to think and breathe.

TonightHe’s coming at dinner time. No time. He has said dinner time. He’s coming for dinner. I have dinner from 7pm to 12pm, it depends on the day, some days I just don’t have dinner. Some days a deliveroo driver brings me dinner so I don’t have to cook. I like to cook, my mum says we are what we eat so tonight’s is a very important dinner. I would hate to turn him into a roasted chicken. I can cook some flowers, put some saffron. Chocolate. All in the oven to make it warm and add a few drops of vermouth when it’s ready.

How I’m gonna do it to serve it hot by the time he comes? I’d be hungry then? The situation is turning itself into a very complicated scenario. I could ask him again but I’m sure he doesn’t really know. It depends on the tube and a lot more things; the weather, his boss, colleagues, family. He could find someone in the street that needs help. There are many variables. I’m just gonna forget he’s coming for now so I do something. Is this book a friend gave me ages ago I really want to read.

  • model and words Nora Moles Diaz
  • published in C-Heads Magazine
  • location London, UK 2018
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