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RobertI was born and grew up in Hungary
Portrait Photographer in London
but currently living and working in London. Since my childhood I was surrounded by analogue cameras, books and magazines,
my father’s darkroom was next to my room in the basement (not as weird as it sounds). He always encouraged and helped me, I looked up to him and he was my inspiration about the art. I love honest and true, timeless portraits made with natural light. I’m currently focusing on developing and scanning my colour and b&w films, I find it very relaxing and gives me more control over the whole process. I also enjoy strolling through the streets
of my city and during travels where I always get lost and like to explore the local coffee places and the sights what’s hidden from the mass of tourists.



  • Featured in
  • C-Heads Magazine
  • Mauer Magazine
  • Hype&Hyper
  • Baltisoul
  • Osphilia
  • CAKE
  • COY
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