Interview for Intercru Magazine

Interview for Intercru Magazine

“I shoot on film mainly because I like the imperfection of it, lucky accidents happen all the time”

Intercru: Where are you from? Where do you live and work now?

Robert: I was born and grew up in Hungary but I’m currently living and working in London.

How did you get started in photography? How long have you been taking photos?

Basically, it started in my childhood. My father was passionate about wood carving and photography so I was always surrounded by analogue cameras, books, and magazines. He also had a darkroom in the basement where I loved hanging out and watching how the photograph appears on the paper. He always encouraged and helped me to take photos so when he upgraded to a new camera, I inherited his old Chinon CS4 that I’ve used for many years to capture my friends and travels.

Most importantly, this passion of photography we shared together made our father-son connection stronger. I looked up to him and he was my inspiration about the art.

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