Half-full & half-empty

Miki“Lonely in air-locked London. Home unreachable, like Matt Damon on Mars. Streets on mute and the atmosphere. let’s call it cautious.
Thinking too much. Funny how that works. Yearning for things to slow down, like Christmas with family, but precisely not like this. Railing inner voices now un-countered by the daily hubbub. Careful what you wish for.
Adrift without work-a-day routines. Uncertain. Untethered. Asymmetric and anxious at being one with my half-full, half-empty thoughts. One slip and…
A disease of diss-ease. Sweeping away our trust, loosening our grip. Just when it was going to plan, the coin gets tossed, upending us all, and revealing how truly fragile we are.”

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